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Do you have any idea how much sound and picture have had to travel over the last century to get to where they are today? When their evolutionary path flashes through our racing minds, we tend to define their progress in broad strokes –


  • Scratchy, hissy, wobbly
  • Tinny (Mono)
  • Punchy (Stereo with Graphic Equalization) and finally
  • Digital – The turning point or watershed.


  • 8mm
  • 16mm
  • 35mm
  • 70mm
  • Imax (10 times bigger than the 35 mm film size!)

And, just like Sound, Picture also went Digital

In Hollywood, the battle lines are clearly drawn with two camps ready to slug it out over going digital and protecting the millimeter film format from being pushed out all together of the film making equation.

Anyway, as advancements in enhanced Sound and Picture technology didn’t travel at hightailing speeds back then, God’s own template for excellence, the Homo sapiens, had to wait for many years before enterprise and innovation could catch up with him in movie theatres and his home.

Ah! Home! Picking up on that magic word, home has always been where the heart is. But since we live in interesting times (not entirely in the spirit of the Chinese proverb) with innovations in superior Sound and Picture technology hurtling along the technology curve, home has also come to double as a movie auditorium for entertainment.

Introducing the concept of the ‘Home Theater’ conceived along the lines of bringing the movie theater experience smack dab into your home. Granted, nothing smoking hot any longer about the home theater idea; but advancements in home theatre technology continue to happen all the same. And especially if you are debating buying a home theatre system, it helps to make an informed decision.

So, in the spirit of catching you up on some home theatre truths, let’s kick off by touching upon a few broad generalities to take some of the head scratching off you at the time of deciding where to set up the home theatre system in your house. Then we’ll cover some ground on some types of home theatre systems.

Generalities, first off

  • Depending on the type of sound and vibe you want from your home theatre system, decide on the number of speakers for good surround sound experience
  • Arrangements are not set in stone. You can use your own ingenuity to put together your home theatre system according to your preferences
  • Your choice of TV should be based on the room in your house where you plan to install the home theatre system
  • Plan video inputs and output as they are the key to cleaner higher-resolution pictures. The DVD player output resolution will produce the best pictures if chosen wisely.

By the way, stretch your imagination beyond the layout of just your living room when conceiving any arrangement for a home theatre system for your house. Visualize even your guest bedroom as a home theatre hotspot.

Coming to some types of home theatre systems we said we would run by you.

Let’s get this show on the road with ‘Home Theatre System without Player’. If you want to cling to your dvd player because you love it, you don’t have to let go of it at all. Instead opt for a home theatre without a player, which comes with separate remote controls for both the receiver and the dvd player. This way you get exactly what you want. No compromising.

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Now check this out as well – If you have a flat screen television and a Blu-Ray player, you can turn it into an excellent home theatre system by just adding a sound bar, which is a specially created speaker enclosure for enhanced stereo effect. Sound bars may not work very well just for music when compared with separate speakers, but for movies, they are just the ticket.

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Next in the line-up is the ‘Home Theatre in a Box’ or HTiB. This kind of home theatre system is for good sound and it usually comes with amplifiers and speakers. And if you are really big on the viewing experience, throw into the configuration a Blu ray player for some wicked image quality.

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Up next is the Home Theatre System with Multimedia Player. The upside of the multimedia player is its ability to play several file formats such as MP3, DIVX, MP4, MPEG, JPEG, AAC, AUDIO CDS, DVDS, and even VCDS.

The multimedia player also includes AM and FM tuners for radio channels into its design. So as is turns out, video didn’t really kill the radio star as much as popular imagination thought it had.

There’s more to the deal. If you own an HD tv, you can actually hook it up to the media player with an HDMI cable for high definition movies.

What’s not to like?

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Added to our line-up for you is the Home Theatre System with a 3D Blu-Ray disc player. In case you missed something here, we said 3D! Say aloha to the 3D movie experience within the comfort of your own living room. HCIT people? This baby also plays high capacity Blu-ray discs and your standard conventional 2D formats such as DVD, DIVX, HD, MPEG, JPEG, MP3, WMA, and WAV files among others.

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Coming to the end of the line-up, but by no means in any order of priority, the Home Theatre System with Wireless Media Streaming kills the clutter of pesky wires that can get underfoot and, well, trip you up? Or is that a bit of an exaggeration? You’ve also got the convenience of wireless streaming to access your entertainment remotely. The wireless speakers have got their own stylized definition. But it’s not only the style factor. There’s functionality as well. To that end try placing speakers in the room to create a 360 degree sound radius with the rear speakers placed at the back of the seating arrangement. This way you optimize surround sound.

You can also get creative and pick and mix individual components to build your own home theater. There’s no law against cherry picking after all.

So, now that we’ve caught you up on some fundamentals, think through every aspect that will come into play at the time of narrowing down and finalizing the model of a home theatre that is best suited to your home and viewing.

Kick back, crack open a cold one and enjoy your favorite flick in your kingdom a.k.a. personal movie theatre.

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