Wanderlust Essentials: The Backpack

If you were to look into your backpack, you will find a few run-of-the-mill ones that diligently help you to get through each day. Backpacks are about more than just convenience or style. Backpacks hold secrets. They are your aides, confidantes.

If your backpack could talk, it would tell stories about your travels better than any photograph you could click. A well-packed back pack is all you need for good trips. Be it the job-holder and their mundane journey to work, or the wanderlust-struck trekkers and travelers, back packs are here to save lives, sometimes literally so. What kind of a backpack do you sport? You may give several answers that describe every hue and fold of your beloved backpack. But what’s the fun in that? What if we went around asking backpacks to describe their backpackers? This brings us back to our question: What if backpack could talk? What would they say about their sporters, if you will?

The ones who are bold (and beautiful)

Backpack for the Bold Trekker

Red is a bold colour for a back pack. Where black has ruled the definition of backpacks, red breaks the tandem and gives us, well, something else! Red backpackers are exciting, bold, possibly outgoing. They hate the regular and get easily bored. They live by their own rules and sometimes break them too. Yes, rule-breakers and bold is what the red backpack says. And bold is beautiful.

Good morning, Mr. Backpacker

Classic Backpack

Black is classic, black is solid, black is all business. No one means business like the black backpack. These people are not here to take crap. They will voice their opinion alright but oh-so-formally. They can count money. You cannot pull a fast one on them. No simpletons, no damsels in distress. Black backpack says—my backpacker means business!

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The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist Backpack

They are brimming with ideas, all the time, in fact. The mad-scientist types tend to spend time in their own world, occupied in the next ‘experiment’ that may as well be their moment of ‘Eureka’. The mad scientist backpacks say the backpackers are borderline eccentric geniuses (at times genius may be missing altogether: P). Khakis and dark colors are their deal; the cleaning is not all that often, which leaves them with more time to think think think.

The closet superhero

The Superhero Backpack

We all have that one friend with a fixation for the superheroes. The merchandise, the movie references, the pile of comics—it’s all there! Secretly, their ambition is to prowl in the nights, saving the world from the catastrophes and hoodlums. These people are the ones who are often found wondering that if they had a superpower, what would it all be about? They walk the corridors with imaginary capes fluttering around their necks. Superhero backpacks belong to superheroes!

We couldn’t even fit them all in here. To each their own! Get the backpack that speaks volumes about its backpacker—you. We like to believe that the backpackers don’t choose their backpacks. It is the other way round.

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