Buxsa’s First Birthday: An Open Invitation

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Buxsa turns one—wootwoot!

Buxsa turns one this 14th, and the whole team is over the moon.

In the past year, Buxsa has covered a lot of ground. All thanks to the enthusiasm of the hobbyists- the rare breed that makes us proud. Right from day one, when Buxsa was learning to take those baby steps, we committed ourselves to provide everything that a hobbyist needs. We wanted to be the go-to place for each one out there who keeps a hobby, and in just a year, Buxsa hit quite a few right notes. The baby is now an adolescent and is getting quirkier by the day. And no one minds. At least we hope not.

Buxsa plans to celebrate the first birthday with a toast to the keepers of useless fancies, globetrotters, trekkers, shutterbugs, collectors of curios, birdwatchers, stargazers, aspiring musicians, *deep breath* and all those who are up to something exciting in their lives.

Fear not, we have more lined up than just clinking glasses!

Our birthday bash shall be extensive. Just like you, we too go through birthday hangovers. For starters, we have for you online rebus and Shout-the-quirkiest-answer contests. Winners get exclusive Buxsa products and things that serve their hobbies just the way they like them. All can be won in a matter of a few clicks. This will go on for the first three days, so you have little chance of missing out.

On our first birthday, we’ll be giving away a lot of stuff. Why? Well, because it’s our birthday, of course. Apart from the goodies, there will be plenty of discounts to avail on many products. Apart from the special discounts, a lucky few (there are always a few luckier, yes?) will get a special ‘Lagniappe’ with purchases. But we don’t want to disclose every detail here, do we? Hang with us.

On a slightly serious note, this one year was quite inspirational for Buxsa. We came to realize that hobbyists deserve a place that celebrates their passion, and we intend to be just that place. Everyone is up to serious stuff; where is the fun? Well, that is where we come in.

In retrospect, we are quite proud of our enterprise, and look back fondly at everything we did last year.

So DO be part of our birthday celebrations. It’ll be no fun without you.

So, see you then. 🙂

Also, here’s how we wish ourselves, Haha

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