Buxsa wishes you a Big Bang Diwali

Diwali time is here, which means it’s family time, time to burst crackers and of course, it’s sweets time! With festive spirits so high in the air, Buxsa is all set to celebrate as well. This is Buxsa’s first Diwali and we are bursting crackers alright (more on this later).

Diwali is family time and we are all about making time for what you love. Even after Diwali is over, there are so many hobbies you can take up as a family. Yeah, it’s difficult to believe; but what if we give you something that will make your family time even more fun? This goes out to all those quality family time days, locked-in rainy days, public holidays, dry days, and a few random unforeseen cooped-up days.


Family that sings together stays together

There is a bathroom singer in all of us and what better crowd to sing for than family (they love you anyway). Karaoke machines that will make your family sing out loud. Share the microphone, share the love, we say!

Trek. Click. Repeat.

Trekking can be a great group activity with cousins and just about anyone who is willing to walk the extra mile. With some amazing (and smartly packed) backpacks, some smart accessories such trek sticks, torches, battery backups, tents (the list goes on), trekking can be so much fun. Find your groove, bond with your family, and be there for each other. And yes, click a lot of photos! Capture the memories so that after the trip, when your feet and joints are sore, you still wish to go for another adventure.


Gamers gonna game

Alright, now we know that not all the family members are technologically adept. But think easy going games such as tennis on Nintendo Wii. How much of a gamer’s thumb does that require? Get family-oriented games that double up as good physical exercise too. These can be played anytime in the comfort of your peejays. On a related note, if your mom gets the whole point of gaming, you’ll hear less about your gaming ‘habits’. Win-win!

Now coming to us bursting the crackers (we had promised we’d come back to this). Buxsa is celebrating Diwali the grand style. The cleanest possible Diwali there was! The best firecrackers of Diwali are with us. What you ask? The pint sized sparkler—flat 10% off. The medium sized anaar—flat 20% off. The bombshell—upto 70% off (wait don’t let go of your breath yet) and the mega fantastic insane blast – the Big Bang Offer—flat 50%. Grab these discounts as they are here only for Diwali.

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To conclude this, spend this beautiful time with your family; we are all about making time for what you love. This is our take on family hobbies. Do leave comments to let us know how you found this piece. And don’t forget to share this with everyone you know. Also, do check out our Facebook page and our site for great products and deals.

Buxsa wishes you a very happy Diwali. Hobby on and live a little!

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