Jam it out!

It is a known fact that the world of music globally has embraced Indian instruments and sounds. Since the conception of commercial music, we have seen innumerable songs that feature Indian instruments and sound elements. Iconic artists such as The Beatles, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and even Metallica have experimented successfully with Indian classic instruments and sounds.

Indian music lies in the roots of our culture, what with it being an important part of education for children in many households.

There are many who have either been through extensive training to learn their musical instrument, or have picked up an instrument for the sake of developing a hobby. Whatever category you may fall into, it is a fact that every single one of popular Indian instruments is eclectic and adored by the player.

indian instruments

“My parents enrolled me into a classical training class for the Tabla when I was 10. I took to the instrument instantly. For me, it wasn’t just education; I really came to enjoy playing the tabla. Today, I am a seasoned tabla player, and a full-time musician. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t played the tabla.” says Praveen Kori, one of our regular clients.

At Buxsa, we believe in the power of hobbies. And when two hobbyists come together, magic is created.

So here’s the deal – how about you take your hobby, and fuse it with your friend’s?

We’re talking about you jamming with a friend. Bring out your musical instrument- be it the harmonium, the tabla, dholak, Sitar, or Veena- and have a jam session with your buddy!

The idea is create the perfect fusion of music and passion – in sound form.

How, you ask?

Here’s what you need:

1) Your Indian musical instrument

2) A friend who plays a musical instrument – be it an Indian instrument or otherwise

3) A stage, of course. Jam it out in either of your homes, or book a session in a jam studio. They’re quite reasonably priced.

4) The will to rock out!

Well, as much as a sitar or Tabla lets you rock out.

Oh wow, and?

Remember that this jam will require a systematic approach. An ideal jam is one that involves a percussive instrument such as a tabla or dholak, and a stringed instrument such as a Sitar or Veena. That said, don’t hesitate to experiment. The idea is for you to be comfortable and for you to enjoy this activity. Here are some combinations of instruments that work very well for a jam with friends.

A sitar and a tabla set or drum kit
A Veena and a tabla set or drum kit
A Tabla set and a guitar
A dholak and a guitar
A Sitar and a drum kit
A Chimta and a guitar
A harmonium and drum kit

The permutations and combinations are many. As long as your friend has a musical instrument, you’re good!

Remember that you can do as you wish with this exercise. Get out your sitar and take part in a jam with your violin player friend. If you are a harmonium player and have a friend that plays the Sitar, you can come together to make some really interesting soundscapes. Want to take the experimentation a notch higher? If you are a Sitar player, you can have a really interesting jam with your DJ friend. Ask him to loop some sounds and play your instrument over the loop!

If you can’t seem to get a hold of a friend who plays a musical instrument, don’t lose heart. Just find someone who is a trained singer, and you’re good to go for a very interesting jam session.

Indian Musical Instruments

I’m with my friend. Now what?

We cannot possibly tell you how to go about your jam session, but what we can do is to give you a few tips to get you started. Where you take the jam from there is totally your prerogative. The possibilities are endless. It is very important that the jam be as spontaneous as possible. While you can practice parts that you would like to play at the jam, neither you nor your friend must know in advance what you will jam on. Jams are supposed to be on-the-spot, impromptu, and unrehearsed.

Here are some things that you need to do before you start.

1) Before you start, agree upon a key. If you prefer a particular scale or Raag, agree upon it with your friend.

2) Tune your instrument to the key that you have agreed upon

3) Make sure the room you are jamming in is sound-proof. It’s going to be loud.

Music instruments as a whole are extremely dynamic tools, such that more than two people can come together for a jam as well. So if some more of your buddies want to have in on this, invite them over!

Remember that jams are the cornerstone to many great bands and artists. Music revolutions have been founded by jams, so know that you may as well be on your way to creating history.

“I’ve been in a music collective/group with my friends for almost 20 years now. To be honest, we sounded quite bad when we started off. But slowly, random jams turned to song writing sessions, and song writing sessions turned to recordings. Although we’re still quite unknown, I am quite proud of the fact that we’ve stuck for so long, doing what we love.”, saying Viji Kumari, a veena player and Marketing executive.

So go on! What are you waiting for? And remember to post pictures and videos from your jam on our Facebook page. We would love to see how your jam turned out.

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Remember that Buxsa is the place to be for Indian Instruments. The experience of learning and playing an Indian Instrument is truly unique and rewarding. We at Buxsa understand that full well, and would want you to hone and cherish your hobby to its full potential.

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