Two extraordinary time keepers: Joey Jordison And Chad Smith

We did pieces on two of the world’s greatest and most successful rock guitarists of all time in the last couple of weeks. Continuing in the same vein, this week we take a look at the guys who go through the test of physical endurance on the stage. Yes, we’re talking about drummers, who else?

It is one thing to be a drummer and quite another to be a drummer with a heavy metal outfit. Why do we say so? One, the metal drummers not only master the musicianship but also speed, rhythm, endurance, power…almost everything that makes a heavy metal band heavy in a manifest sense. Two, metal songs involve unusual and, at times, complicated time signatures, odd meters as they are called because in place of the usual 4/4 beat cycle, complex 3/4, 5/4 or 7/4 signatures are used and well, the drummers pull these off.


No discussion on drumming can ever take place without Joey Jordison. Pick up any list of the best drummers in business and you will find him permanently claim the first spot, unless someone gives him the second for some weird reason, but that hardly happens. Widely known all over for his speed and technical proficiency, Joey has proved himself with a number of bands. Apart from Slipknot, the American heavy metal group from Iowa, for which he played for several years before falling out with the members recently, Joey has done the drums for Korn, Zombie, Scar The Martyrs and a lot of one off projects on the side. All these bands are quite different with respect to their sound and it is possible only with a drummer of his calibre. Here’s the sum of all things said and done:

Now that you have heard the man, did you notice that drum kit? Wait, go back again to that video and admire it once more, please. Also, no prizes for guessing that everything in the kit has been designed and customized by the man himself.

One thing that every drummer is particular about is the snare drum. Why? Because during a live performance what penetrates through all the other sounds is the high pitch snare sound.

As it happens, Joey prefers a snare drum tailor-made to extract a high pitch sound, a fair amount more than all other snare drums out there. The drum comes with the power piccolo shell that delivers a monster bite tone, Joey’s signature. Here are the other specs of the snare:

– 6.5″ depth delivers the body and power.

– SR-017 strainer features a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact using minimal tension and results in superior snare response at all playing levels.

– Apart from the unique sound, it comes with Black Super Hoops and Masters double ended lugs which totally make it a killing

– Masters double ended lugs compliment the black shell decorated with Slipknot logos

Let’s move on from Joey Jordison to the sphere of Rock music, and the drummer extraordinaire, Chad Smith. Chad has been the long-time drummer for the funk rock group, Red Hot Chili Peppers and is one of the most sought after Rock drummers on the circuit, so much so that he took up innumerable projects outside his regular role as RHCP’s drummer, namely, for Kid Rock, Chickenfoot, Johnny Cash, The Dixie Chicks and many more.

He has been cited an influence by a lot of percussionists and drummers across genres and last year, Spin magazine featured him as the 10th greatest Rock drummer of all time. Just take a few minutes off and give this guy a listen:

Like all other top musicians, he prefers to play with his signature sound and likes his own kit. He is particularly known for his fat snare sound, widely regarded as one of the best in the world of Rock music. Here’s all about the snare you must know:

-This signature snare comes with Pearls bridge-style minimum contact lugs, 2.3mm SuperHoop II’s, and a vertical pull throw off. Everything on this snare drum is class apart, from the badge right down to the shell. The pull-off can’t be praised enough. It’s much easier to turn the snares on and off and works smoother than any other snare throw-off.

-Bridge lugs on the snare have brass inserts that “receive” the tension rods. It makes the snare much easier to tune as well.

-The signature snare is very ringy especially on rim shots.

-Black nickel-plated steel shell

– Very bright and articulate

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For all those who want to get the Joey ‘bite’ or Smith’s fat, heavy sound in live performances, these two snare drums are available at Buxsa.

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