Merlin Watch: A ‘Handy’ Smart Guy

Today technology influences our lives so much that in every walk of life there is an unavoidable element of machines. Sure, we’ve all dreamt of owning a hover-board or a jet-pack and in the near future, these dreams might be a reality, though, for now we’re quite far from realizing those dreams. But that doesn’t take anything away from the current crop of gadgets.

The advent of smart-phones brought about a paradigm shift in the world of technology. With further developments in technology, we saw the creation of fitness bands that monitor your pulse, apps that monitor your fitness regime and even waterproof phone designs to ensure that you have camera functionality even underwater.

Merlin Smart Watch

So, what about the smart watch? Why would you buy one and why should it be the Merlin smart watch? Well, for starters, the name Merlin should have your curiosity piqued. Yes, we’re referring to the magician, and while this smart watch is exceptional and functions almost effortlessly, it will just stop short of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
A good smart watch should be able to sync easily with the smart phone. People keep smart watches so that they have easy access to everything and its portability and handiness work as its USP. The Merlin Smart Watch lets you access your phonebook and messages at your fingertips. In an emergency situation, you can even insert a sim-card into the watch and transform it into a phone. It’s indeed like having a spare phone, but much cooler since it is on your wrist!

If Merlin were around today, he’d be pretty impressed with this watch. Merlin had a lot of tricks up his sleeve but this watch has more! The bundled wireless headset that comes along with it can be used to play music. So when you’re trying to catch up on your fitness regime, you can tune in to your favorite music. There’s also the option to answer calls directly without the headset. It has a speaker and mike built-in to make sure that you have your communications on-hand (pun intended) at all times.

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Don’t we all know what it feels like when we run around like headless chickens looking for a charging spot at crowded cafés? Sure, you could use a power bank to keep your phone running, but in the long term, you’re destroying your phone’s battery. In comparison, keeping a smart watch is a much smarter move. It might not automatically brew you a cup of coffee yet, or give you a hand with your house chores, but it will definitely help simplify your life. Which is what we look at most of the times, simplifying our daily, mundane lives, and smile at how easy things are.

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