Here’s why Cheating is fine this Valentine’s day!

Before you bring out your moral policing guns, we suggest you read the rest of this article aimed only at bringing you closer to your other love. As most of you are aware (willingly or unwillingly) cupid season a.k.a Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Most of us, including yours truly (we love you guys a lot) – are under immense pressure to really woo our significant others. We love that you are in love. But when was the last time you took time off for your hobby, for yourself?

Yes! Cheating is fine when you spend some time with your hobby. Mark the calendar guys, this is going to be one helluva date with your other love, yes your hobby.


Pick up that musical instrument and play the damn thing already! And you know what? Take it up a notch. Perform for a couple of close friends or your loved one. Done that already? Push yourself! Risk a street performance. Pull some strings and get a gig at some local watering hole. Perform there. Go to a karaoke bar and no, don’t sing in the chorus. Sing alone like the star that you are. Singing or performing in front of a crowd can give you the rush nothing else can. And even if it were to go south (which we are sure it won’t), you tried and that’s liberating. We are going to be so proud of you for trying.


And now you! Yes the one that DSLR hanging around your neck. You must’ve clicked so many photographs, looked at them fondly, and you have our love and blessings. Take it up a notch, whatsay? Work up a portfolio of your loved one with their candid moments. Develop some print and discover the lost art. Travel alone to a nearest trek route, water body, or mountains. While we make sure you have everything in your backpack**, you go out there on an exclusive photography excursion. Discover new places and make a photo journal. Go all out on Instagram, Facebook, your photo blog (don’t have one? Create one then!). Share your photos with us; we would love to see them!

**Some dry snacks, a good compass, LED walking stick, mineral water, Batter back up for your phone, binoculars, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent, and batteries for your camera

Sun signs

Do you have stars in your eyes? Get the telescope you’ve been wanting for so long. Look for your sunsign (or your loved one’s). Look at The Great Bear and the seven stars from Ursa Major. Read about the lesser known stars and plot them in the sky. Go after Arcturus, Capella and Corona Borealis. Join a star gazers club and talk about the stars passionately. Don’t know of such clubs? Well combing through Facebook is okay but you know what’s better? Start the club! Yes, a star gazers’ club. Give it a cool name and knock yourselves out! We wish you all the luck.

M51 Location

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Love your hobby and it will love you back. Spend some time with it and get to know it better and what it can do for you. Spend some time honing your skills. Fall in love with your passion this Valentine’s. Fall in love with your other love—your hobby. Happy Valentine’s Day, our loved ones! We ❤ you!

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