Colors, Personality & Hobbies: Power on Possibilities

In a recent display of power, color and its perception (or lack of it) broke our beloved ecosystem—the Internet(Hint: the blue-black dress…or was it white-gold? You get the point). Colors have a great impact on every aspect of human civilization. They are used to display emotions, bring nations together (Soviet Red), distinguish people (rich ethnicity) and even dictate your marital options in a country like India. They also give people a deep understanding of your personality, preferences and your traits. For e.g. when you see someone listening to music on their headphones painted in bright red, green and yellow you know their affinity to reggae music and or the Rastafarai sub-culture. In India the whole country is drenched in bright colors during Holi celebrations in all corners.

So what powers do colors hold? Do they affect your personality? This is a fun guide on what is the best hobby for you based on your favorite colors, and unique ways of incorporating the Holi colours in your favorite hobby. This is just us being goofy. All said in this piece have no resemblance to anyone alive, dead, or in-between. And if you do not have a hobby yet, we can help find your true calling with the help of your favorite colors. But do remember to keep a pinch of salt close by as you read this 😉


Red: It is looked upon as the color of strength, health and vitality. It is also associated with aggression, vigor, passion and impulse. People with red as their favorite color are usually open-minded, uncomplicated in nature and are explorers. Red heads (for lack of better term) can opt for hobbies such as adventure sports, hiking, gaming and music – the heavier genres of course.


Blue: Blue is color usually associated with patience, perseverance, conscientiousness and compassion. People who love blue are usually not adventurous and they tend to be more cautious with most of their decisions and preferences. Their calm nature is ideal for picking up hobbies such as playing a musical instrument, drawing/painting, reading and even writing.


Green: It is the color of harmony, balance and sincerity. It symbolizes hope, renewal, growth, and peace. They can be modest, patient and innocent, with a clean heart, so they may be dominated by others. It is evident that green lovers show close affinity to nature and peace. Keeping this in mind, ideal hobbies for them could be stargazing, hiking, travelling and definitely photography.


Yellow: It is the color of happiness, wisdom and imagination. Yellow lovers usually have a sunny, bright, adventurous and a happy-go-lucky persona, sometimes with a no-nonsense edge. Due to their vibrant persona and enigmatic flare, their ideal hobbies could be sports, adventure sports, acting, creative writing and competitive gaming. People who love the color orange have similar traits as Yellow lovers.


Gray: Contrary to popular belief, the fifty shades of gray are actually rather gloomy. It is the color of caution, compromise, uniformity and sometimes even monotony. Gray lovers are cautious, calculative, peace-loving, hardworking and usually are known to suppress their personalities. Interestingly, they are ideal candidates for most types of hobbies. However, the element of caution and safety is always a prerequisite. They can take up hobbies such as drawing/painting, singing, musical instruments, photography (indoors) and cooking.


Black: Technically, black is not color. It is the absence of color as it absorbs light. However, that does not stop it from being of the most revered and elusive colors in the humanity. The disparity in the perception of the color black is stark. It is usually associated with fear, depression, luxury, depth, strength, mystery and elusiveness. Given the contrast in the perception of this mysterious hue, the best hobby is practically everything. Our best bet is that they would be perfect for hobbies such as writing (intellectual stuff), photography (black and white), making music (darker genres) and finally travelling/exploring (cross-country backpacking).

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Hope you found your favorite color and your hobby up there. Visit our website to browse through more super cool products and hobby ideas. Hope we were able to brighten up your hobby with vibrant Holi colours. We at Buxsa would like to extend our Holi wishes to you, your loved and more importantly your hobby. And to add more color to your life, we bring to you the Color Me Hobby – Holi sale to give you up to 50% on some amazing and colorful products. Enjoy Holi, our beloveds!

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