Wildlife Photography Made Easy: 3 Simple Tips

Wildlife Photography is a tough art. Clicking that perfect picture can be a daunting task. Scroll down as offer our two cents about making Wildlife photography simple. We have a feeling you’ll love it!

Good Wildlife photography needs a perfect combination of innovation and technology. It is an art that must be followed with astute passion, perseverance, and saintly patience (ask those who have spent hours in the forest for that perfect sunset-gazelle shot). Some basic know-how of wildlife photography cameras and techniques can result in some kickass wildlife shots. Try different techniques to take creative photography to the next level. Here it goes!

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Control the Vibrations and Follow the Prey

So you are with your camera waiting for the animal to appear. Bear in mind these two basic steps in terms of clicking that award winning photo. Wildlife photography cameras are specially designed to provide stability along with good image quality but, you must adapt some easy techniques to make sure that you dampen even the slightest vibrations to get that achingly perfect shot. If you are using a long telephoto lens, try to place your arm across the body of the lens. This will help you a lot in regards with eradicating vibrations. This technique will stop the vibrations from ruining your image. The second point is to keep an eye on the prey (not REALLY a prey, but you know what we mean). Wildlife photography is tough and finding animals to photograph is even tougher. You can use a simple technique to find the animals. Always keep an eye on the food that they eat. If you are looking to capture pictures of a carnivore, keep an eye on the smaller animals in the vicinity that could be their food. In case of photographing an herbivore, keep a tab on the green surroundings. In short, you will have to watch what they eat. Photographs of animals feasting on their prey can turn out to be something else!

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 Get close to the eye of the Subject

Wildlife photography is all about establishing a connection between the audience and the subject. If you are able to show a story with an emotion in the photographs, it creates an uncanny effect. Always look to create a connection between the subject and the lens. This will reflect effectively in the final product. Try to click pictures at the eye level of the subject. The more you pursue professional photography, the more you realize the power of eyes. Rather than providing the audience with a peek in the outer life of the animal, this technique allows you to create a scenario focused on the inner world of the animal. Philosophical, much? You get the point. Having said that, we insist that nothing connects better with the audience if the eyes are captured sharply. For example, if you are looking to capture photos of a low-lying animal, try to lie on the ground or crouch flat to click on the subject’s eye level. You will thank us later!

Pay Attention to the Background and Shoot Continuous

There have been many instances when brilliantly clicked photographs using the best DSLR cameras have been ruined due to the background. The key is to pay acute attention to the background. Make sure that the background is not cluttered or ugly. A good wildlife photograph is not just about the subject, it is also about capturing the natural beauty about the surrounding. Always be careful about positioning the animal properly against the background. Choose a frame that will depict a proper combination of the subject and the background. Make sure that there is ample lighting, as bad lighting can easily spoil great photos. Make sure that the background lighting absolutely suits the subject and the image story in your mind. Understand the subject’s move and change in behavior, always be ready to shoot multiple and continuous shots. Using the best DSLR cameras with continuous shutter mode can result in splendid results. Multiple shots will definitely capture one special moment that would be worthy of all the effort and perseverance.

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As you go on an expedition yourself, you’ll realize more and more that nuances of this game cannot be taught. They have to be experienced and learnt on the job. What are you waiting for? Grab your camera and camp out already. And do share your photos with us.Tell us about your experiences; we are all ears. Be patient, have fun.

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