Tips and Tricks for Creative Wedding Photography


Photographing for a wedding can be nerve wrecking, both for the people getting married and for the photographer. Which is why, sitting down and discussing your expectations and drawing up a plan is important.

But before you start with the logistics of the day, it’s important to once again go through all your essential equipment and make sure you have everything you need to translate the event into an exquisite memoir.




Striking a balance between your needs and your means is crucial when choosing a camera. Taking your disposable income into consideration, for professional wedding photography, we recommend you go with a camera that has a full frame body.

Cameras such as Nikon and Canon have readily available full frame bodies at affordable costs. Full frame bodies are important for their low noise and larger sensors, both features being crucial to the Indian wedding arrangement.

Also an important tip here is to be equipped with two cameras. The other serves as a back up and is also handy if you don’t want to waste time changing lenses.


Go for a wide aperture lens since that would allow more light in. Indian wedding maybe famous for theirmagnificent lighting arrangement, but often the seating areas and dance floors tend to be more dimly lit.

The ideal lens for wedding photographers is the 24mm-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 (IS). These two lenses will equip you sufficiently to shoot the entire wedding.

Some photographer however prefer using an ultra wide angle lens such as the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 since, which help when the extended family all want to get into one frame.


Using a flash is important. If you plan not to use one, its still important to be equipped with one. Make sure you have a Speedlight of SB800/900 or 500 EXII along with it. Having A diffuser or bouncer will also make life eaier.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you might also want to check if you have these essentials-
– Memory card
– Tripod/monopod
– Remote shutter release
-Additional batteries.
– Lens cleaning material.

You’re probably wondering how you could get the best wedding photography with your equipment. And for that it’s important to first-

1) Communicate

This cannot be stressed enough. Before the wedding it is important to sit down with the couple and have a detailed talk and chalk out a plan of action. Try and get as much information as possible about the location, the expectations and the theme of the wedding.
Knowing what the relationship and preferences of the happy couple are key to taking beautiful shots that capture the essence of the day.

2) Designate a coordinator

It’s often impossible to gather the whole family around for a picture when Uncle Sam is out drunk at the bar and Aunt Carrie is locked up in the bathroom. Having someone who’s job is to co-ordinate and gather the family around is very important.

3) Think about your arrangements

You want to get a variety of shots from differing perspectives. Have a check list in mind that ensures you cover a range of shots and reminds you to change your angle every now and then.

4) Get a feel of the place and its vibe

Once you understand the expectations of the couple and get familiar with the mood of the event, Your job as a wedding photographer involves translate the mood with all its nuances, into an album of memories. The more closely you capture it, the better your photographs will be.

5) Shoot the small details

It’s the small details that give an album that extra personal touch and help to uphold its theme and convey its mood. Throw in those delicate close ups of the ring and the flutter of petals as the vows are being exchanged. It’s about creative wedding photography after all.

6) Have a second photographer

This is a great way to cover more of the surroundings as well as get differing angles and perspective of the ceremony. You could also use this for a play with different lenses.

7) Be Bold

A lot of photographers don’t want to be obtrusive and interrupt special moments by taking pictures. However that will not get you very far and you’ll often miss out on key opportunities for some excellent shots.

Think ahead of time, and it will really help to know the sequence of events before hand, which is where the communication step comes in. Knowing what is next will help you get in position and avoid any awkward disruption.

Still being bold and asking what you want from the couple and their guests is alright for more formal shots since it will help you get things moving and drive you to what you’re aiming for.

8) Capture in RAW

No other time but at a wedding is it important to shoot in RAW even if it takes extra processing because it gives so much more flexibility to manipulate the shots later on. Remember weddings are chaotic and RAW shots offer you the benfit of adjusting the tricky lighting, white blnance and exposure.

9) Don’t start reviewing your work

It’s tempting to have a peak at the result after you shoot but this should be avoided at all costs since it will distract you from the present photo opportunities as well as cause you to discard pictures that are not flattering enough when in retrospect you could’ve used them.

10) Shoot multiple images quickly

Switch your camera to continuous shooting mode. Moments captured at a wedding are often fleeting and its often the middle shot that really captures their essence. Also sometimes it’s the shot after the formal posed picture that is a more relaxed and better version for the final product.

11) Work around unexpected situations

Even if things go wrong, which they often do at weddings, don’t be scared to capture the embarrassing moments as this is what would make the wedding real and make for sweet, funny memories in retrospect.

12) Relax and get a feel for the event

No you don’t need to get emotionally wound up in the celebration but sometimes, rigid professionalism can be detrimental when capturing the magic and soft emotion of a wedding.

Photographer can often feels like intruders. But getting into the spirit of celebration and embracing the vibe will help you capture the essence of the event better. Moreover, a relaxed hand and a pleasant smile will also make your subjects feel more at ease and appear natural.

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These wedding photography tips for Indian weddings, will help you get creative and capture the best wedding photographs. Being professional is not always about the equipment you use but about strategy, timing and preparation along with a can-do attitude that is willing to work around, and sometimes even with the chaos of unanticipated circumstances.

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