iOS users’ need of the hour – PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

If you are an iOS user, you’ll know the troubles of undertaking tasks as simple as transferring documents, files and smaller storage space. The iPhone is not equipped with limitless storage capabilities. Transferring data immediately to a cloud storage service could be challenging as your data connection might not be adequate for the quantity of data to be sent. What if there were a simple solution to such problems? We know you’d jump at it! So here you go – we bring to you Photofast iFlashdrive It is a device made with one purpose in mind: to facilitate the fast transfer of data. Read on, we know you are intrigued…

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

• Build & Design

Built slick and made to carry around, iFlashdrive is all set to be the love of your iPhone’s life. The USB 3.0 plug means that one end can be plugged in to most computers. On the other end of the drive, is the detachable lightning cable socket, which is compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5 and 6 and the iPad 3 and 4. In short, it’s compatible with every iOS product you (proudly) own, and is easy on the eyes 😉

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

• Performance

This is a star right here! The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive has the best app interface and is extremely user-friendly. With no tangling masses of wires or bulky body, which are usually associated with external storage, this one delivers on performance. No strings attached, quite literally so!

• The Utility App

The moment you plug the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive into your iPhone or iPad, the device will automatically prompt you to download an app. Once it is downloaded, and the installation is successful, you can immediately begin transferring data between the USB flash drive and your device. The utility app takes cues from the product design, and every part of it is designed to make the experience quick and effortless. You practically have very little to do. We suggest you grab a sandwich while iFlashdrive does all the work for you. (Who can help but love such assistance?)

• Other Features

In other news, the interface resembles the settings menu on the iPhone and has four options. You can backup your contacts, add files to the flash drive, view files on your iOs device or use the cloud through your device to interact with your Dropbox account. Files on the device can even be made secure with the password protection feature (ahem…a good feature, we presume?). The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive also features MP3 playback and storage capabilities. The iPhone and iPad will not allow you to transfer music, which is characteristic of Apple products. However, the integrated music player on the flash drive ensures that you have access to your music wherever you go. Moving files between folders on the USB flash drive is also almost effortless. At the top of the screen, the user can see the home and edit options. The edit option lets you move delete, move, copy or email files at will. Is there anything more your heart desires?! iFlashdrive ameliorates your iOS product and how?!


Safe, convenient and efficient – those are qualities we like! However, we suggest you can go through Photofast i-FlashDrive reviews online before making a decision (yes we are THAT confident that you’ll love it). Photofast i-Flashdrive is here to stay and to make you wonder how you ever got along, before it came into your life!

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