Seasonal Photography: Summer is calling

Photographers don’t really need a reason to celebrate their passion – pure, unadulterated photography. However, changing seasons provide for a great tapestry for experimenting with light, colors, mood, and skills. Speaking of seasonal photography, summer is here! If one were to keep the part aside, where summer tries to burn holes through our skin, one can easily see how the beautiful, blazing sunlight can light up the colors and the landscape to make way for gorgeous summertime photos. Here are out two cents for our beloved photography enthusiasts.

1. Capture the colors

This one is quite obvious but must be said. Summer time is full of colors and bright light to bring them out. The trees are full of delicate and/or brightly-colored flowers lit up by the natural sunlight. And no, we are not trying to flirt with you Bollywood style 😉

Capture the colors

We are simply pointing out this is an excellent premise to bring out the big guns – the DSLRs. Roads are the best place to celebrate lively colors. Experiment with colorful dresses, the fancy and shiny trinkets sold by the roadside, the footwear in vivid colors proudly displayed at the local footwear stall, and so many other things that you probably didn’t notice earlier. You can check out several other such potential avenues for capturing the beauty of hues and tints.

Seasonal Photography
2. Experiment with monochrome

We don’t mean to sound like we can’t make up our minds. Just because we think colors are amazing doesn’t mean we don’t know the power of monochromatic photographs. Fresh cool colors or intense warm colors, or maybe deep contrast of the greyscale – the charm is irrefutable.

professional Photography
Apart from beaches, beautifully built buildings start looking even more attractive due to the abundant clear, natural light.


3. Use polarizer:

Imagine a beautiful edifice catches your eye and you yank out your camera and decide to shoot it. White skies, pale blue skies, exposure bracketing, white balance

You capture the blue sky behind if you focus on the peak of the roof. But then, of course, the edifice itself is under-exposed. And focusing on the edifice makes the sky appear pale blue or white. Umm…now what? Enter Polarizer. You can do some pretty fun stuff with it, with interesting results. Just to demonstrate what the difference is, check out the following photo:

Professional Summer photography
The left picture is not polarized and thus lacks details, the contrast, and the focus. While the polarized version on the rights gets full marks for the juxtaposition of the contrasting deep blue skies with the brick-brown texture of the edifice, and the puffiness of the clouds.
Polaroid filters are available for Canon and Nikon cameras. Ask about them while making a purchase.

4. Burn ‘em a little

Overexposure or burn out is considered to be hazardous for the value of the photos. However, this summer, what’s the harm in trying being a little bold and trying it a little? Using the natural summer light to effectively use burnout to get stunning effects, is definitely on the checklist.


Use it to make a contrast standout. Or…


Use it to smartly blend in for the feel of the photograph. However, do read about the techniques in details so as to come up with great photos and cause no harm to your lenses.


How did you found this article? We would love to hear about what ideas you have and what techniques you use to capture the summer moments. Meanwhile, visit us and check out our merchandise.

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