Hobbyist of the week: Harsha Bathija

Buxsa has always encouraged hobbyists in following their hearts and passions. We are here with a photography enthusiast – Ms. Harsha Bathija from Mumbai, listening to her talk about her fiery love for photography and what keeps her ticking. Harsha works in a leading social media agency by the day and dons the cape of a super photographer by, well, later in the day. All of 24, this petite lady is dynamite and takes her passion very seriously. We had a chat with her. Her take on her hobby is very interesting. Here’s Harsha’s story.

“Unplanned moments are the heart of photography…”

I love Candid Photography. Why, you ask? Let me try to explain why.

  • Moment: A happy memory is but a fleeting moment, here one second gone the next. You can try to recall it, try to relive it. But the only way to remember it, as it was, is through pictures.
  • Faces: They are the window to your emotional state of being. I love being behind the camera, waiting patiently for that one unexpected moment that will tell a story that words could never express.
  • Happiness: The ability to freeze a moment in time, to be able to capture it forevermore, is what gives me intense happiness.

Unplanned moments are the heart of photography.

And photography is at the heart of Harsha Bathija. Here are my few favourites:

professional Photography 1

professional Photography 2

professional Photography 3

I love candid photography, weddings being my major focus. However, I also do product, event and fashion photography.

“Canon 5D Mark III is a dream camera to work with…”

I just bought the ultimate camera – Canon 5D Mark III. I must say it is a dream to work with. Its full frame gives me the ability to work splendidly in diverse situations. It is a dream come true.

“Tripods are indispensible an accessory; I have learnt it the hard way…”

I don’t own any accessories yet. But I’ve learnt it the hard way that a tripod is indispensable. The next lens that I want is the 24-70mm, f/1.4. It is the perfect lense for Portrait & Candid photography.

Parting words…

The beauty of photography is there is no correct way to do it. Take your camera out and explore. See what kind of photography thrills you. Reference other peoples work but don’t be afraid to do you own thing! At the end of the day, if you love photography, it will show in your work. And the client will love it too!

Here are my pages. I’d love for you to check them out and give me your views:
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/harshabathijaphotography
Instagram: harshabathija


Do you have a passion you can’t stop talking about? Are you an aspiring DJ who loves to make people dance to your tunes? Or do you sing as a passion? Is your heart into painting? We want to hear from you and we’d love to show you off. Drop us an email at customercare@buxsa.com to get in touch with us. Keep your hobbies alive, for they will keep you alive in turn. Live a little, we say!

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