Being in love with your hobby pays

Hobbies are varied ranging from car racing to stamp collection. They can be done with a bunch of people or as a solo effort. Some hobbies are done inside (playing an instrument) or outdoors (hiking). Hobbies can bring comfort, emotional or physical outlet, intellectual stimulation, and a sense of connection and achievement. Have you ever pondered about the possibility of making some extra cash from your hobby? Don’t dismiss us yet.


10 ways to spend quality time alone

In today’s overly connected world, finding solitude has become increasingly difficult. We are all bogged down by personal commitments, job pressure, religious commitments, etc; the list is endless. More often than not, you do not have time for the most important person in your life; YOU!

There is nothing wrong with disconnecting and spending some time alone. In fact, research suggests that spending alone time lets you unwind, discover yourself, improves concentration, and increases productivity. So do yourself a favour and spend some time alone. If you have no clue what you can do in your alone time, here are some a quick and easy ideas for you.


Here’s why Cheating is fine this Valentine’s day!

Before you bring out your moral policing guns, we suggest you read the rest of this article aimed only at bringing you closer to your other love. As most of you are aware (willingly or unwillingly) cupid season a.k.a Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Most of us, including yours truly (we love you guys a lot) – are under immense pressure to really woo our significant others. We love that you are in love. But when was the last time you took time off for your hobby, for yourself?


Drumming 201: Tips and Tricks

In the previous blog, we talked about two of the best drummers out there, Joey Jordison and Chad Smith, their signature snare drums and what sets them apart. With this article, we plan to take the topic of maintaining and playing a drum kit ensemble a little further.

To get everything right, precise and in a qualified sense, relevant for an in-betweener, we got in touch with a professional drummer, Mihir Bhende. Mihir plays for a Mumbai-based atmospheric black metal band ‘Cosmic Infusion’ and is a seasoned performer on the Indian metal circuit. We asked him to give his inputs on the matter of practicing and tuning of the drums and he graciously took time out of his schedule to provide us with a thorough advice. Here is what Mihir says.  (more…)

Two extraordinary time keepers: Joey Jordison And Chad Smith

We did pieces on two of the world’s greatest and most successful rock guitarists of all time in the last couple of weeks. Continuing in the same vein, this week we take a look at the guys who go through the test of physical endurance on the stage. Yes, we’re talking about drummers, who else?


A musician’s musician: Joe Satriani

In 1970, a teenager in Westbury, New York vowed to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Jimi Hendrix. That 14 year old boy was destined to become a future star, a legend of Rock music. His name was Joe Satriani.

Starting off as a drummer, then shifting to guitar and studying music with Jazz musicians, Satriani took some time to find his feet in the music industry. Soon after picking up the instrument, he did mentor some of the future guitar mavericks like Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons and Alex Skolnick from Testament, but he was still far from producing one good album.


Steve Vai: The maverick rock legend

The name is Vai, Steve Vai.

Steve Vai can totally pull off The-Bond-Introduction among his groupies. He just can. This guy sizzles on the stage with an infectious spirit, is your daddy on the guitar and has to his name a discography that is quite enough to seal his reputation as THE rock legend. He can.


Jam it out!

It is a known fact that the world of music globally has embraced Indian instruments and sounds. Since the conception of commercial music, we have seen innumerable songs that feature Indian instruments and sound elements. Iconic artists such as The Beatles, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and even Metallica have experimented successfully with Indian classic instruments and sounds.

Indian music lies in the roots of our culture, what with it being an important part of education for children in many households. (more…)

Putting the Classic in Indian Classical

Ever since Ravi Shankar made the Indian classical instrument ‘Sitar’ popular in the west, the craze of using the elements of Hindustani music in composition hasn’t gone down a bit. Right from internationally loved and acclaimed bands like Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Yardbirds to stalwarts of western classical music such as Julian Bream, Yehudi Menuhin and others, everyone embraced the sound-textures, beats, and melodies of the Indian instruments. (more…)

Electronic Music in India

In 1990s the emergence of Ibiza’s super clubs brought Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the fore, and it has been picking up ever since: Berlin’s Love Parade, an electronic music festival which has been permanently cancelled in the aftermath of a stampede, attracted more than a million people. International Pop artists have been collaborating with European DJs like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and others to give rise to a composite genre of music, Electro-pop. Also, Electronic music has been at the top of all chartbusters for a significant part of the year, and with EDM labels being valued at billions of dollars, Electronic music, it seems, has come of age and become truly mainstream.