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How to be a traveller not a tourist

First things first – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a tourist. All travellers are tourists by virtue of visiting a new place. However, travellers enjoy their vacations a little differently. Tourists have the tendency to snub their explorer instinct and visit places that may have been suggested to them by friends, relatives or a travel site. A traveller, on the other hand, creates a path for others to follow. We won’t preach (we are terribly cool for that), but if you do want to transform into a traveller, we can help. Read on –


Seasonal Photography: Summer is calling

Photographers don’t really need a reason to celebrate their passion – pure, unadulterated photography. However, changing seasons provide for a great tapestry for experimenting with light, colors, mood, and skills. Speaking of seasonal photography, summer is here! If one were to keep the part aside, where summer tries to burn holes through our skin, one can easily see how the beautiful, blazing sunlight can light up the colors and the landscape to make way for gorgeous summertime photos. Here are out two cents for our beloved photography enthusiasts.


iOS users’ need of the hour – PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

If you are an iOS user, you’ll know the troubles of undertaking tasks as simple as transferring documents, files and smaller storage space. The iPhone is not equipped with limitless storage capabilities. Transferring data immediately to a cloud storage service could be challenging as your data connection might not be adequate for the quantity of data to be sent. What if there were a simple solution to such problems? We know you’d jump at it! So here you go – we bring to you Photofast iFlashdrive It is a device made with one purpose in mind: to facilitate the fast transfer of data. Read on, we know you are intrigued… (more…)

Wildlife Photography Made Easy: 3 Simple Tips

Wildlife Photography is a tough art. Clicking that perfect picture can be a daunting task. Scroll down as offer our two cents about making Wildlife photography simple. We have a feeling you’ll love it!

Good Wildlife photography needs a perfect combination of innovation and technology. It is an art that must be followed with astute passion, perseverance, and saintly patience (ask those who have spent hours in the forest for that perfect sunset-gazelle shot). Some basic know-how of wildlife photography cameras and techniques can result in some kickass wildlife shots. Try different techniques to take creative photography to the next level. Here it goes!


Colors, Personality & Hobbies: Power on Possibilities

In a recent display of power, color and its perception (or lack of it) broke our beloved ecosystem—the Internet(Hint: the blue-black dress…or was it white-gold? You get the point). Colors have a great impact on every aspect of human civilization. They are used to display emotions, bring nations together (Soviet Red), distinguish people (rich ethnicity) and even dictate your marital options in a country like India. They also give people a deep understanding of your personality, preferences and your traits. For e.g. when you see someone listening to music on their headphones painted in bright red, green and yellow you know their affinity to reggae music and or the Rastafarai sub-culture. In India the whole country is drenched in bright colors during Holi celebrations in all corners.


Being in love with your hobby pays

Hobbies are varied ranging from car racing to stamp collection. They can be done with a bunch of people or as a solo effort. Some hobbies are done inside (playing an instrument) or outdoors (hiking). Hobbies can bring comfort, emotional or physical outlet, intellectual stimulation, and a sense of connection and achievement. Have you ever pondered about the possibility of making some extra cash from your hobby? Don’t dismiss us yet.


10 ways to spend quality time alone

In today’s overly connected world, finding solitude has become increasingly difficult. We are all bogged down by personal commitments, job pressure, religious commitments, etc; the list is endless. More often than not, you do not have time for the most important person in your life; YOU!

There is nothing wrong with disconnecting and spending some time alone. In fact, research suggests that spending alone time lets you unwind, discover yourself, improves concentration, and increases productivity. So do yourself a favour and spend some time alone. If you have no clue what you can do in your alone time, here are some a quick and easy ideas for you.


Here’s why Cheating is fine this Valentine’s day!

Before you bring out your moral policing guns, we suggest you read the rest of this article aimed only at bringing you closer to your other love. As most of you are aware (willingly or unwillingly) cupid season a.k.a Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Most of us, including yours truly (we love you guys a lot) – are under immense pressure to really woo our significant others. We love that you are in love. But when was the last time you took time off for your hobby, for yourself?


Merlin Watch: A ‘Handy’ Smart Guy

Today technology influences our lives so much that in every walk of life there is an unavoidable element of machines. Sure, we’ve all dreamt of owning a hover-board or a jet-pack and in the near future, these dreams might be a reality, though, for now we’re quite far from realizing those dreams. But that doesn’t take anything away from the current crop of gadgets.


2015: What’s your resolution, hobbyists?

So, we are again at the threshold of a new year, a year we hope to make better than the previous one (we’re such optimists, I tell you!). So much so that we will dream up the details in our sleep, if we’re not on a binge the last night of 2014, of things we want to keep, things we want to ‘seriously’ keep and things we just want to get rid of, like that overly curious neighbour who, by the way, has a bad breath. Imagine him at the door on the sweet morning of the first day of the New Year. There goes your will to be nice to people down the drain. Some things are not meant to last, we know. But all the same, the stage is set for all of it.