golden hour photography

Shooting in the Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the equivalent of happy hours for ardent photographers across the spectrum. But it’s not always all beer and skittles because a lot hinges on being experienced enough to know when the golden hour is upon you. The golden hour is that time of the day during sunrise and sunset when the sun’s rays hit the earth at a tangent. The sky is filled with golden hues, vivid tones, shadows and brightness. The light is distinctively golden and appears surreal. The resulting brilliant soft light makes it possible to dream up any number of possibilities around photographing a single subject.

This month Golden Hour Photography is high on our agenda and we’re giving you a small visual tour of some shots. Hope these visuals serve as some basic pointers that will help you take some really sick to mean kewl shots in the golden hour.

Let’s kick off with this shot


Picture Courtesy: Irfan D.

It was taken just before sundown. The lighting conditions were perfect – diffused sunlight suffused throughout the horizon. The mood- soft, tender. You don’t have to look hard to catch on to the emotional content in this shot. To capture the rich colour reflected in the water the white balance setting was changed to the ‘sunset’ mode.