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Into the Great Wide Open

After World War II, the old regressive imperialist order crumbled and gave way to the undisputed ascendancy of the New World in which The United States of America and the idea of Liberalism became the dominant themes. America stood for the highest human ideal – liberation of the individual. Ideas and trends originating in America began to have a universal following because the world at large saw them as self-liberating. From chewing gum and jeans to comics and burgers, outdoor activities, Hollywood and more, American trends were sweeping the world.

If America was doing it, the world wanted to emulate it.

Camping as an outdoor recreational activity and past time is as American as apple pie. It is an integral part of American cultural attitudes and has been alive for almost a hundred years. There’s camping at the school level, camping as an outing for families in trailers with designated trailer camping sites in controlled wildlife environments and then there’s the extreme camping experience for backpacking adventurers.