summer stargazing

Into The Void

A commonly cited example of cosmic phenomenon that is rooted in Christian tradition is the sighting of the lodestar by the Magi leading them to believe a momentous occurrence was in the offing. Stargazing in the history of man goes back even earlier and can be traced to the ancient philosopher Plato’s experiments with Astronomy as a discipline circa 300 BC. Little wonder then, that Astronomy ranks among the oldest natural sciences. With the passage of time, astronomy also became linked with astrology as priests from the ancient world were the earliest professional astronomers.

Buxsa Astronomy

Jump to the 20th century and you have “Scotty, beam us up,” the famous command line from that cult television series of 1960s ‘Star Trek’, which captured the popular imagination of millions the world over. The voyages of the spaceship the ‘Starship Enterprise’ traveling through space fueled the thought process of a global audience that must have wondered about the unknown expanse of eternity beyond the earth’s atmosphere – outer space.