Movies to watch this Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the corner. The underdog of the parental unit, the dad, awaits this day for explicit appreciation, and why not! Providing for his family (moms do it too, but this is a tribute to the fathers, come on), protecting his family, and slaying spiders are a few key responsibilities areas for the dads.

What are your plans this Father’s day? We suggest a marathon of some fatherhood movies for all age groups and moods. This list is not exhaustive and is neither in any order. Binge on these with your father/kids and spend that cherished time together.

The Incredibles: After taking an imposed, boring sabbatical from the superhero-ship, Bob Parr finally finds an assignment where he can use his suppressed superhero again. He withdraws in this world, reliving his moments of glory. All self-involved, he doesn’t spend time with his kids, who adored him once. Ultimately, he realizes that his kids looking up to him makes him the real superhero. A cute animated movie tells us that even superheroes make mistakes. It is definitely worth watching this Father’s Day. Recommended for all age-groups.


The Judge: The Judge is a 2014 film starring Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. Duvall plays a righteous small-town judge, Joseph Palmer, and a father to a Chicago-based lawyer, Hank Palmer played by Robert Downey Jr. The Judge is a strict father who was always hard on Hank. This creates a strain on their relationship. The film is so simple and yet addresses the most complex emotions. We highly recommend!



Masoom: This is for our Bollywood lovers. Naseeruddin Shah is happily married to Shabana Azmi; they have two beautiful daughters too. But the protagonist’s past catches up with him as his illegitimate son comes home. It’s an intricately emotional movie with great performances. So father’s-day material!


Udaan: A critically-acclaimed small budget movie with stellar performances – that’s what Udaan. Rohit Roy plays an abusive and oppressive father to Rajat Barmecha and his half-brother Ayaan Boradia. Rajat rebels and finally liberates himself and his half brother from the loveless equation with their father. It’s an intense movie that invokes an intense emotional response. But it is a testimony to the fact that there also exists such an abusive and apathetic father-son relationship.

I am Sam: This one is super famous and quite heart breaking; not the sad kind but the innocent, beautiful kind. Sam Dawson (played by Sean Penn, who is brilliant, by the way) is mentally challenged and has sole custody of daughter Dakota Fanning), after her homeless mother abandoned her. He fights for his daughter’s custody and in turn teaches a cold-hearted lawyer (Michelle Pfeiffer) a thing or two about family love. Highly recommended…highly!

I am Sam

Mrs. Doubtfire: Come on! Most of us grew up to this movie. Beloved father Robin Williams (may his soul rest in peace) impersonates a woman to play a nanny to his own kids. William plays a dedicated and a devoted father who steals our hearts as well. The highs and lows of this films are so endearing, they touch you through the screen. A fun watch for this father’s Day!

Mrs. Doubtfire

As said earlier, this list is obviously not exhaustive but these are some very strong movies to watch this Father’s Day. Make some fresh butter popcorn and play these movies on a home theatre or a DVD player with excellent speakers or a sound system. Try going camping with your kids and play it on a pocket projector. Have fun the Buxsa way this Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, beloveds! Have fun!


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