Monopoly – Fast-dealing fun

Remember congregating in the living room around that colourful20″x20″ board?

Remember your mother getting incessantly competitive, and your father trying to get away with cheating in the game?

Remember game night with family?

Remember Monopoly?

Monopoly is arguably the greatest board game of our time. The reason why Monopoly is so popular is because it provides wholesome entertainment. The rules are simple, the gameplay is dynamic, and no two monopoly sessions are the same. Certain expects claim that Monopoly is also a good educational tool for children, since it introduces them various aspects of business, money, and life in general.


It’s established that we love Monopoly, but do we really know the rules? While most players know the basics, they often ignore certain rules. What we have for you here is a list of those rules. Rules that will not only make your Monopoly gameplay legit, but also a whole lot of fun. Believe us when we say this, once you start following these Monopoly rules, you won’t go back. Let’s begin.

Property auctions – So you land on a property, but don’t want to purchase it. What do you do? Just move on? Wrong. If a player does not wish to buy a property that he has landed on, it goes up for auction. Anyone including the player who had landed on it can bid for the property. The property may sell for any price.

Limited hotels and houses – It is important to know that there are a limited number of houses and hotels in the game. When they are done, the player cannot build any more.

Loans – You can borrow money only by mortgaging properly. You just cannot borrow money from other players, and you cannot borrow money from the bank without a mortgage.

Free parking – You do not, under any circumstances get any money when you land on Free parking. Also, all payments needed by Chance and community chest cards must go to the bank, and not the center of the board.

Trade – The rules of the tournament for trade are clear. Only cash, title deeds, and get out of jail free cards can be used as part of the deal. Nothing else.

These 5 rules will not only ensure that your gameplay is fun, but it will also speed up the game drastically. Now how about we take this up a notch? Below are certain new rules and suggestions that will make every game of Monopoly unreasonably entertaining and fun.

Bid for start order – It is definitely an advantage. You can buy properties before anyone does. So why not pay to get this advantage? Wow. Ruthless, we know. But that’s how it is in Monopoly. Bid for first position before the game, and then subsequently the next.

Around the board – Another alternative to bidding for start order is not purchasing property until you’ve passed the ‘Go’sign once. This will bring the odds in equal favour.

Two bankruptcies – Once two players go bankrupt, the player with the most cash, property, and buildings at that moment is the winner.

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So there you go. Rules and suggestions that will really take your Monopoly time with your family to the next level. Go on, try these the next time it’s game night on any weekend. And remember, if you don’t have a Monopoly board yet or want a new one, is the place to be. Simply click on the link below to get your hands on a spanking new Monopoly game.

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