2015: What’s your resolution, hobbyists?

So, we are again at the threshold of a new year, a year we hope to make better than the previous one (we’re such optimists, I tell you!). So much so that we will dream up the details in our sleep, if we’re not on a binge the last night of 2014, of things we want to keep, things we want to ‘seriously’ keep and things we just want to get rid of, like that overly curious neighbour who, by the way, has a bad breath. Imagine him at the door on the sweet morning of the first day of the New Year. There goes your will to be nice to people down the drain. Some things are not meant to last, we know. But all the same, the stage is set for all of it.

Hobbies | Buxsa

For the serious type, resolutions matter– we think a hobbyist belongs right there; those who care for the careless activities and derive pleasure out of watching birds, tracking down obscure galaxies, travelling idly and much more. We like to think about that, resolutions of the hobbyists.

A stargazer vowing to add some more stars to his list of findings, a traveller making an itinerary for the year in advance, a binocular wielding adventurer setting his eyes on yet another territory to tame…this is what fascinates us the most, this silent determination, a calm claim to something that one wants to achieve.
Here’s what we think. If you have made a few resolutions already, well and good, we extend our full support to you by way of providing you with everything you need to pursue your hobby. If you still haven’t, the start of the year is a good time to decide something. You will be surprised to find how resolutions work, sometimes more than our own expectations.

So, nascent musicians, stop the air-guitaring, put aside your imaginary instrument, and gift yourself a real one. Watchers and explorers, don’t just trot the globe in your imagination. Pack up your paraphernalia and watch some real scenery. Photographers, if you are done clicking pictures of your backyard, try something more, may be a long hike with your camera is what your next stage should be.

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Buxsa wishes you a great year ahead. May you have a fulfilling and fruitful time, spent in an activity that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. Do rememberthat the great joys of life are in small things and fortunately, those little things we get to choose. A happy new year once again.

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