Playing in Fantasy: Kazooloo Vortex Board Game

If there is something absolutely essential to our childhood, something we don’t ever forget, it must be the board games we play as kids. Not games limited to a roll of the dice to push a dull storyline ahead but more, something that grips the imagination and let us enter a fantasy world. Kazooloo is one such game.

Kazooloo Vortex Board Game12

When you enter the Kazooloo dimension, you become the saviour of our world. Your sole task is to demolish an army of fire-breathing dragons and behemoths that have been unleashed to take control of the planet. This takes you through three kingdoms in the world of Kazooloo. Reign of Fire, a land consisting of five mountains, fire balls, hot lava, and home to dragons of all kinds and races is the first territory you are up against. This is followed by a Mordor-like place of unimaginable power called Kingdom of Night ruled by Lord Zordan the Wizard. Here the sun never shines, the winds are heavy and hot, and thunder and lightning don’t stop. In fact, thunderstorms are the main source of power for Lord Zordan’s army. The third place is much more mysterious and filled with bizarre and angry brutes, an endless and dense forest named Kingdom of Swamp. It houses monsters and demons and the most powerful of them all, King Ogger is their leader.

Playing in Fantasy: Kazooloo Vortex Board Game

Let’s come to the question of how-to-play. First, download and install the iPad iPhone Kazooloo Vortex Board app on your cellphone. Every Kazooloo board comes with a unique ID which you require to successfully install the app. Once you are done, just point the rear camera of your phone at the game-board to activate the portal. Now as long as you keep your camera pointed you can fight the creatures. You can even move around the board to dodge the attacks or collect coins, weapons and first aid kits. This physical aspect involved in playing Kazooloo makes the creatures come almost alive before your eyes and results in unlimited fun and excitement. Also, if it is any merit at all, Kazooloo can be played alone and the board can accommodate as many as three players at a time.

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Saying anything more about the game will only ruin the surprise and joy of discovering the maps on one’s own. To add to the excitement, the game gets hard really fast. We suggest you order it today and have a go at saving the world from monsters.

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