Injustice: GodsAmongUs

Earth’s greatest heroes unite once again in a battle of mammoth proportions. The most powerful beings in the universe, Superman plays an integral role in the story mode of the game. If you’re looking to decimate enemies with his heat vision, it might be more of a challenge than you had envisioned. The creators of the legendary Mortal Kombat series have been enlisted to bring the DC Universe alive, and they have not disappointed. NetherRealm Studios have brought the comic book greats to the fore in a typically spectacular fashion merging the playability of the Mortal Kombat franchise with the intricate story lines that only the geniuses at DC Comics can envision.


The game is a third person action/fighting masterpiece, and blends the amazing details typical of the studio with all out action. One notable aspect is the lack of gore in the content, sure there is violence to a certain degree and being able to launch an opponent into space with a single punch and smash them down to the earth by clubbing both fists must count for something, but unlike Mortal Kombat, you won’t see much blood and sinew. DC Comics’ influence is visible, as comic books rarely feature gore, due to the sensibilities of the young audiences that they cater to. That doesn’t mean that it’s not an incredible game though, If you love super-powered fights and being able to toss huge cars and machines at will at your opponents or launching into a high-speed combo without taking a single hit, then this is the game for you.

It features DC superheroes and the super villains in all their glory. The game features three types of characters. There are the powerful almost brutish playable characters such as Superman, LexLuthor (in his exo-suit), Wonder-woman, Solomon Grundy and Doomsday. These characters have incredible strength but, at a cost. Their speed is lower than faster characters such as Night-wing, Harley-quinn, and The Flash. The faster characters have speed, agility, and lightning quick attacks that can be very effective against the more powerful characters, but their weakness lies in their low health and resistance. Characters that take advantage of ranged attacks are somewhere in the middle, they have powerful moves but rely mostly on a range to attack effectively. The Green Lantern, Deathstroke, Sinestro, Aries, and Batman use ranged attacks to devastating effect. Once you’ve figured out your preferences, you can use the abilities and characters you prefer to inflict damage upon your opponent quite easily.

One aspect of the game, which most comic book fans will love, is the super move. We will not elaborate much on it though. This is one facet of the game that must be experienced to be enjoyed. A small teaser though, the fighter’s core abilities allow for an incredibly powerful attack once triggered, and the results will either have you chuckling or overawed. This particular aspect of the game makes it a winner.

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It’s been launched on the Nintendo Wiiu recently, and the playability takes the game to a whole new level. To be able to move parts of your body in a fist-fight against a behemoth is going to be fun. Plus, it might just help you get off the couch, and fighting fit(no pun intended). This free game is available on the Android market and the Playstation 3. If you do opt to buy this game, we’re confident that it will be placed right on top of the others in your collection; it’s that good.

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